Sampson Trekal awoke to something wet on his face. He cracked open his eyes just in time to see a giant tongue swipe up his cheek. He startled and sat upright to the happy whines of his dog Luna, but some severe pain in his ribs.

‚What happened girl?‘ He reached over and scratched Luna behind the ears. He slowly flexed the muscles in his body one at a time to make sure everything was in working order. No real pain except in his chest. Sampson slowly stood up and looked at his surroundings.

He was planet-side, there was a reddish dirt beneath his feet, which was odd because the last thing he remembered was being onboard HMS Foresight. Something obviously had gone wrong. The sky was an eerie greenish blue that didn’t quite seem to go with the red dirt.

‚Did we crash?‘ he looked down at Luna but the dog gave no response. He couldn’t see anything around him, like an escape capsule or anything. There were no footsteps or furrows in the red dirt that showed how he got to where he was. In the distance over the hill he saw some smoke rising.

He brushed off the dirt that had covered his clothes, bent down to pet Luna again and said aloud ‚Well let’s figure out where we are at least. Come on girl..‘ and walked towards the top of the hill.

The red soil was sandy and loose and a bit hard to walk in. Luna pranced along side of him as he struggled to climb the hill. His ribs hurt to and the going was tough for a few minutes.

Luna reached the top of the hill first and licked his face again as he pulled himself over the lip of the crest of the hill. As he came to his feet on the top, the breathe went out of him as he saw the smoking ruins of HMS Foresight scattered throughout the valley in front of him.

‚O my god..‘ Sampson said and choked back a sob. Luna whimpered as she looked at the carnage in front them. Absentmindedly, he bent down to scratch her head, trying to comprehend the situation. ‚What are we going to do now?‘ he asked. Luna replied by leaning up against his leg and letting out a long whine. ‚Yea… I don’t know either girl.‘ Sampson replied.

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